Experience South America

I highly recommend to experience, reconnect and learn the simple things, the beauty in life that is lost in today’s modern world. Come and learn to slow down from the business and experience the adventures, and the beauty that is South America.

What is it?

This idea started after our Wedding in Patagonia Chile in 2015. All our 9 friends from Australia that came over for the celebration and stay after for 2 weeks of holidays to experience all the activities we had organised for them. I personally will be picking you up from the airport in Chaiten and will be your Tour Guide for the whole week experience.

All you need is a positive attitude to experience the best of the farm country life, Mountains, Lakes and stunning Panoramic Scenery. We have all the basics covered, Transport, Vehicles, Boats, Horses. All meals, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts, Camping, Laundry. We have done our best to team up with the local people who have lived there, their whole life and are very happy to share with us their way of living. Basic farm work, your welcome to participate in if you wish, includes, milking the cows, harvesting vegetable from the green house, animal handling on horseback, lamb shearing, wool work, leather work, and many different style of cooking.

Horse Riding through the mountains and valleys, farms to farms. Awesome Trout Fishing in the Rivers and Lakes. Have the opportunity to enjoy the views of the gorgeous surrounds, Volcanos, Waterfalls, Glaciers, and finish with day with a glass of Chilean Red Wine.

Where are we going?

The journey begins when you fly into the Santiago Airport in Chile, then from Santiago to Puerto Montt Airport, and finally from Puerto Montt Airport to Chaiten.

We will meet you in Chaiten and guide you throughout the rest of your journey.


The adventure begins from Australia to Santiago Chile, then from Santiago you will fly to Puerto Montt and lastly from Puerto Mont fly to Chaiten. Chaiten is a small town on the coast of the pacific sea. Our team will be awaiting your arrival in Chaiten. We will go to have a Curanto a traditional seafood dish from this region. Then we will start our drive of 160km through the mountains to Palena. All the activities in our program are no ore than 60km from Palena, we organise the activities in a way so we do as minimal driving as possible. We have 8 main experiences we will cover in the 7 days.
 – Beginning with Horse Riding through the forest of the Patagonia.
 – Trout Fishing in the Lake Yelcho on a boat with a Tour Guide.
 – Hot Springs / Hot Bath in the middle of the mountains
 – Amazing Waterfalls
 – Over the boarder trip to Argentina to eat some of the World Famous Argentinian Grill and a good opportunity to experience another culture and shop for souvenirs
 – Glaciers
 – Volcano Chaiten
 – Calm Water Rafting

All of the above experience will be amongst the beautiful Los Andes Mountains, Ranges and Valleys.

Over the week we will be travelling 2.5days on horseback, experience the Farm Life and the only mode of Transport to this area. 1.5 days Fishing at the Lake with accommodation Bed and Breakfast, 1 Whole day in Argentina enjoying the food and a great opportunity to get souvenirs. On our Travels we will get the opportunity to view the Volcano Chaiten and see beautiful Glaciers and Waterfalls. One of the recovery days we will enjoy the outdoor hot bath, and enjoy some homemade food fresh from the Garden. All meals will be organised ahead of time and will include all freshly made Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from the location we are at on the day.


Horse Riding

Travel via Horse Back through the Los Andes Mountains, enjoy panoramic scenery and the beauty of the Snow Capped Mountains

Trout and Salmon Fishing

Enjoy the magical fishing spot of Lago Yelcho and cast a line in the many icy rivers on your Journey

Culture And Food

Every Meal you will get to indulge in a variety of different dishes local to the region, experience the culture with your local born Tour Guide Hector and learn to make traditional dishes


Experience panoramic views of the beauty of the Los Andes Mountains, amazing Glaciers, Picturesque Waterfalls and Finish off with a Hot Bath in the Wilderness with a glass of Wine.

Cultural Activities

You will be able to immerse yourself into the Traditions, learn to make leather and wool artifacts, make cheese straight from the cow, bake traditional favourites and round up Cattle on Horseback if you wish


Locally Produced Meats & Vegetables

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Traditional Dishes

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Delicious Breakfasts

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About Us

I am Hector Gerardo Del Nido. I have had the best start in life, living the first years of my life in the most beautiful best kept secret, Patagonia, Chile. I grew up in a small town called Palena, population of 2000 people in the middle of the Andes Mountains. When I finished year 12 I came to Australia, I came for a holiday during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney and ended up living in Darwin for 11months. I decided to return to Australia to work hard and make my dreams come true!! 23 Years later, here I am living the dream with my beautiful wife Karlene and 2 Amazing daughters Angelica and Ariella.

Thanks to determination and hard work I have been honoured to represent Australia in high a level of sport on 2 Occasions, competing at the World Titles in Natural Bodybuilding in New York.
For the last 14years I have dedicated my life to becoming the best that I can be, a Health Coach being able to help my customers to live a life free of body pain, stress management, energised and happy.
We have been blessed to have a home away from home, the same mountain that saw me growing up and the beautiful country people that always made my time so special in Palena.
Patagonia Chile is so special, I married my wife in 2015 accompanied by 9 of our best friends from Australia to join us in the special occasion. We had the best feast and party, and an epic holiday taking in the beauty that is the Patagonia. Which included Horse Riding to different farms, Lots of traditional food, including Asado’s and Fresh Cheese, Salmon Fishing at the Lago Yelcho ,Plenty of the worlds best red wine, Open Fire Cookups, sleeping under the stars, Mustering Cattle and Cheese Making.
It has been a life long dream and now with the encouragement of my Business Coach Bruza and the EBS Community, I am going all out and bringing it to you! Taking on this adventure, showing you in personalised groups the best of my home away from home. I have done the work behind the scenes to make this an experience of a lifetime.